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 TEAM RULE Exceptional Circumstances  

You are expected to play with four players as a standard, this means your list of four names is completed before 8pm and players one to four are in attendance, player Obviously if both teams are using some common sense and chat before the match starts, local arrangements can be made, if for e.g. a player is running late due to traffic etc.  

Teams can play with a minimum of three players only in exceptional circumstances. If you cannot field a team of four players.

If you do not have a full team at short notice you can play with three players. If in exceptional circumstances a team plays with only three players the three in attendance can play a maximum of three frames each. The team will then forfeit a maximum of two frames to the opposing team. These frames will be frame four, if no fourth player listed and in attendance and frame 11 if no fourth player has arrived by the commencement of frame ten. This rule also applies if both teams commence the match with just three players so frames 4 and 11 will be forfeited unless a fourth player arrives within the time constraints set out above. Any other player listed under the teams player list must arrive before the commencement of frame ten if that player is to play any part in the match.


You can only have a maximum of fifteen players registered for your team. Your player list is available to check on the website. Take a minute to check who you have signed on. If you play someone that is unregistered you will lose two pts per player and a further point for any frames won.

If you need to add players please let the league know ideally 72 hours in advance of your next game so that the website can be updated. However as an interim measure a text from myself  or any other of the League reps saying he is ok to play will suffice. If a new player is transferring teams the team captain of his current team must advise the league that he is no longer playing for him as per the main rules. Winter League transfers after 25th December each year will be subject to providing a rationale as to why they are required. 

The League decision to allow additional players will be final. Summer League transfer cut off date will be the half way stage and will follow the required rational as per the Winter League. The League takes a dim view on teams found to be manipulating or using transfers or adding additional players to gain an unfair advantage, or not in the spirit the registration or transfer of players is intended.


If a team fails to attend a match without contacting the opposition and without good reason the offending team may be withdrawn from the League.

A team can only postpone a maximum of two League games per season.

If you need to postpone a match because you do not have three players available to play, you will need to; 

a) Contact the opposing team, giving them 72 hours notice of cancellation ahead of the fixture.

b) Contact the League 72 hours ahead of the fixture to be cancelled, explaining why you are cancelling.

c) Offending team to instigate and rearrange the fixture with the opposition within 14 days of the original date and confirm rescheduled date with the League within 14 days. This match will probably have to be arranged on a night other than a Tuesday. If both teams fail to agree a revised date a 0-0 result will be awarded if no team is found at fault, obviously the onus is on the canceling team, to accommodate the opposition team as much as possible. No double headers are allowed without contacting the League.

d) If the cancellation is fixtures League week 1-11 inclusive, rescheduled matches must be played on or before the start of the second half of the league season. If the cancellation is fixtures 12-22 in the second half of the season, rescheduled matches must be played by the penultimate league fixture of the season.

e) Matches 21 and 22 cannot be cancelled without the Leagues agreement, unless they are rescheduled and played before the penultimate fixture of the season.

f) If a team fails to adhere to the above rules, the non offending team will be awarded an 8-0 result in their favour. More than two 8-0 results against a team may result in expulsion from the League.

g) Cup matches can only be re arranged, if both teams agree and the match can be rescheduled and played on or before the following round of the original fixture.

h) Singles and Doubles matches cannot be rescheduled from Round 1 up to the Quarter Finals.

The Leagues decision is final and binding on all disputes.

This addendum is to be taken as enhancing and part of the main rules found in the documents section.

Any questions, clarification feel free to ask me, Andy.

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