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2023 DOUBLES QF's Tuesday 30th May 2023


Played to Scotch Doubles format using the Tolworth League Rules

All matches are best of 5 frames

For those who are at  Worcester Park, there are match balls behind the bar and table brushes, if you use them please replace the balls afterwards. . Any issues and results call or text me on 0781508957 Andy

Prize Fund

Champions £80 x 2 plus trophies Finalists £50 x 2 plus trophies

Venue Round Tuesday 30th May Best of 5  
Surbiton Table 1 L16 8.00 pm Andy Oman / Colin Carr v Andy Sutherland / Cliff Eastwood
KT4 7QB QF 8.30 pm Winner 8.00 pm v Mark Maher / Luke Bridges
Surbiton Table 2 QF 8.00 pm Lee Carter / Paul Davies v Charlie Magee / Kev Carslake
KT4 7QB QF 8.30 pm Dan Czuchraj / Martin O'Reilly v Dave Archer / Edward Hanlon
Worcester Park AC QF 8.00 pm Dan Farahmand / Jason Farahmand v Joe Finn / Martin Finn
KT4 8AJ        

The doubles will be played using the Scotch Doubles format and existing Tolworth League Rules, please familiarize yourself with the below.

Rounds 1 and 2 will be Best of 5 frames, there are 26 pairs so to enable everyone to play on Tuesday 20th December 2022, there will be 8 venues 6 with 3 pairs and 2 with 4 pairs each venue produces 1 winner for the QF stage to be played 30th May 2023.

Scotch Doubles Playing Format and Draw - Played to our existing rule set PLEASE CHECK START TIMES

Scotch doubles is like any other form of doubles play, except that players take alternate shots rather than alternate visits. Otherwise, the standard Tolworth rules apply, and the following conventions will apply to the League Doubles.


Teams will lag (or toss a coin) for the initial break.
After that, breaks will alternate by team and player.
So, if player 1 team A breaks, the next frame player 1 team B breaks.
The next break is by player 2 team A, then player 2 team B, then 1A again, and so on, until the match is over.  Either player may play first if not breaking.
Nomination of balls (slight amendment to the Summer Comps see below on nomination)
If a ball is potted from the break, there is a 10-15 second window (please use your common sense) for consultation between partners about which set to choose following the ball(s) being potted on the break. Either player can nominate this selection.

Please remember the rules surrounding consultation
Partners may only consult when the opposing team is in charge of the table, save an additional 10-15 seconds or so once the balls have come to rest. 
Your visit is deemed to have started as soon as the balls from your opponent's visit have come to rest.
A foul can be called against any team deemed to be conversing or consulting with each other about the game in between shots during their visit.                  A gentle reminder can be given in the first instance. Further instances result in end of visit and a two-shot foul awarded to their opponents.                        Please note that 'consulting or conferring' includes the use of signals or other forms of non-verbal communication.

Playing out of turn

Playing out of turn is a foul and will result in end of visit and two visits awarded to the opponents.

  Venue   Tuesday 20th January 2022 Best of 5  
Rnd 1 Royal Surrey 7.45 pm Dave Archer / Edward Hanlon 8 v Richard Hammond / Ian Rammel
Rnd 1   8.15 pm Terry Connolly / Eddie Kelly v David Harrison / David Powell
Rnd 2   8.45 pm Winner 7.45 pm v Winner 8.15 pm
Rnd 1 Comrades Club  7.45 pm James Reino / Paul Collins v Charlie Magee / Kev Carslake 6
Rnd 1   8.15 pm Luke Garman / Joe Eastwood v Dave Headd / Martin Smith
Rnd 2   8.45 pm Winner 7.45 pm v Winner 8.15 pm
Rnd 1 William Bourne 7.45 pm Matt Giles / Phil Smith Dan Farahmand / Jason Farahmand 4
Rnd 2
8.15 pm Winner 7.45 pm  Steve Harding / Dave Lowe
Rnd 1 Worcester Park AC 7.45 pm Dan Czuchraj / Martin O'Reilly 2 Dan Morgan / Ian Rashbrook
Rnd 2   8.15 pm Winner 7.45pm  Mark Laxton / Adrian Griffin
Rnd 1 Surbiton Table 1 7.45 pm Chris Bull / Jordan Kennedy v Andy Oman / Colin Carr 7
Rnd 2   8.15 pm Winner 7.45pm  v Andy Sutherland / Cliff Eastwood 7
Rnd 1 Surbiton Table 2 7.45 pm Richard Wall / Daniel Lawless v Scott Mallows / Michael Perry
Rnd 2   8.15 pm Winner 7.45 pm    Joe Finn / Martin Finn 5
Rnd 1 Molesey FC 7.45 pm Jen Barnard / Michael Marchim v Lee Carter / Paul Davies 3
Rnd 2   8.15 pm Winner 7.45 pm  v Jake Worsfold / Dave Wood
Rnd 1 Duke of Buck 7.45 pm LJ Barnard / D Edgeler v Matt Davis-Skeggs / Andy Davis
Rnd 2   8.15 pm Winner 7.45 pm  v Mark Maher / Luke Bridges 1

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